No need for expensive bottled water when you have an under sink water filter

under sink water filter installed in home


Under sink water filters have hit the market with a bang, providing a solution for consistent flow of clean water. The beauty is that these water filter systems when used with reverse osmosis and distillation can remove almost all impurities that contaminate tap water. Most water filters come with a separate stopcock to allow use of unfiltered water when you do not need filtered water. And this in turn prevents the wearing away of the cartridge filter. When compared to other systems, under the sink filters are highly cost-effective.

Why should we filter tap water?

Tap water undergoes various treatment processes hence the taste and deposits associated with it. As much as people argue that tap water is good to drink under the belief that the related authorities do their best in terms of treating the water, it is upon you to make sure that water that gets into your system is safe and healthy. It is also imperative to note that tap water might be treated right but when tested you will sometimes detect traces of heavy metals like lead and mercury, a problem that is mostly associated with older homes. Ideally, filters help in the removal of some of these impurities, a good water filter should give a guaranteed success rate of about 99%. 

Undersink water filters also come in handy when you live next to manufacturing plants, large firms or nursery outlets. There are various chemicals, herbicides and pesticides surrounding these environments that can infiltrate water systems hence the need for filters. Presently filters come with inbuilt gadgets that alert users when the time for a new filter cartridge has come, more importantly these filters stay effective for around 6 months. 

Advantages and disadvantages of under the sink filters

One disadvantage associated with installation of under sink water filters is that they can consume some of your much-needed space; however, you can make sure the filtration system is the right size and does not spoil your decor when shopping. For you to enjoy the warranties associated with under the sink filters you have to use services of certified expert installers which serves as another limiting factor since it pulls up the installation costs (although some suppliers provide free installation). Most people overcome this by shopping around for the best water filter given that they have different shapes and sizes, it is also good decide on a filter that best serves the purpose and above all fits your budget, you can get a good quality filter from as low 250 dollars with guaranteed usage of about 6 months. 

Water filters need very little maintenance after installation, they are very easy to replace, and you can often install the replacement cartridges yourself if you have the right tools. Under the sink water filters provide the cheapest and most convenient way to continuous supply clean and healthy water. Through carbon block or granular filtration technologies these filters can remove most synthetic and organic elements. These also produce more gallons of clean water per hour hence the constant flow of healthy water to drink and cook.

These water filtration systems ideally do not affect the mineral composition which maintains the natural mineral constituents essential to your health. Also under the sink water filters help in maintaining the natural taste of water by removing the chlorine taste. The different faucets available helps in managing the use of filtered and unfiltered water, and also assists in keeping air quality intact since steam from hot unfiltered water releases chlorine and other contaminants into the air.