A Look into Common Lab Apparatus, Lab Instruments & Tools

biology lab equipmentWhat are the types of common lab apparatus, lab instruments and tools? For this one needs to know the kind of laboratories that exist. Different kinds of lab would require different lab supplies. There are primarily four types of laboratories – biology, medical, chemistry or physics laboratories. Each of these is used for diverse experimentation and therefore the needs of each lab are diverse as well. We will discuss the different types of lab equipments used in each type of lab but here it is important to note that there are some common types of lab supplies used across the labs. These are test tubes and their holders, test tube racks, bottles of reagents, beakers, cylinders used for measuring, evaporating dishes, clamps and stands, Bunsen burners , crucibles, safety eye glasses, mortar and pestle, droppers, tripod stands, spatulas, microscopes, and balance scales to weigh. The following are common equipment utilised in different types of labs:


  • Biology lab – A biology lab is usually referred to a lab which is a school/college biology lab for teaching students biology experiments. These are simple experiments and they require the most simple and basic lab equipment. Besides the basic list of the required laboratory equipment, the following science equipment is also used - Rubber stopper, Filter paper, Sponge, Stirring rod, Litmus paper/pH paper, Scale, Spot plate, Forceps, Petri dish, Microscope slide, Apron, Magnifying glass, Scalpel, Dissecting needle and Cover slip



  • Medical lab – Medical Labs are those where highly sophisticated experiments on drugs and diseases is carries out. It could be about a new medical breakthrough or a new drug and its safety. Medical labs usually have very sophisticated science equipment. Here it is vital to note that these labs require a much higher degree of safety norms and are often classified on the basis of the kinds of experiments being carried out into different levels. Medical labs would have a few of the following laboratory supplies – audiometry, fat analyzers, spirometers, oximeters, defibrillators, electrodes, monitor and vision screeners, peak flow meters, nebulizers, colposcopes, centrifuges and burners, hematology systems and analyzers etc


  • As for chemistry labs they use most of the basic lab equipment. Physics labs again have very different equipment used in them.