Impress Guests at Your Next Sydney Event with a String Quartet

sexy string quartet band


When you plan a major event like a large corporate function, a high society ball, a wedding or another similar type of event, your goal is often to ensure that your guests have an amazing time. You want to create a fabulous ambiance that will impress your guests and help them to feel the magic of the event. Choosing a great setting like the One World Meeting Hall, the Convention Centre, the Crows Nest Hotel, the Beach Palace Hotel or another fine Sydney event venue can help you to create a beautiful backdrop for the event. However, other details such as the music that is played throughout the event are just as important. One of the best ways to ensure that your guests are impressed throughout the event is to hire string quartet Sydney musicians like String Musicians Australia.

Sophisticated Sounds
Sydney string quartets create a far different experience for guests than an event DJ would. A DJ will play pre-recorded songs that often are from genres like rock, pop and more. This creates a feeling of being in a nightclub or other similar venue. With string quartet hire Sydney at, your music will create the feeling of being at the orchestra. Live string musicians Australia will be performing just as they would be performing at an orchestral performance. Furthermore, the genre of music they play is typically different from what a DJ will play.

Pleasing Guests
Your string quartet in Sydney will impress your guests by creating an orchestral-style ambiance. However, the right quartet can also ensure that your guests are happy throughout the night. At many events, guests enjoy making musical requests for songs they would like to hear or dance to. A DJ can only play songs that are in his music library. Sydney string quartets, on the other hand, can play almost any songs that they are familiar with. They are music enthusiasts, so they often have an extensive knowledge of songs and can play almost any request made. 

The Functionality
String quartet hire in Sydney also has another key benefit over hiring a DJ. String instruments in Sydney string quartets can be played in any location. If you are planning an outdoor event overlooking the beach, you won’t need to worry about running electricity to the DJ stand. You simply need to provide the group with space to play. String musicians in Australia can be used in multiple venues for the same event too. For example, they can play at a church for a wedding ceremony (read more about wedding string quartets at, and they can travel to the reception site to provide reception entertainment. 

When choosing the right music for the special event you are planning, it is important to consider the different experience that string musicians Australia can provide to you. By comparing a string quartet against a DJ music experience, you may determine that string quartet hire in Sydney is ideal for your event.