Towbars. Tow bar Background & General Overview

Connected to the chassis of a vehicle, a towbar allows one vehicle to tow another vehicle. Usually tow bars are either traingular in shape or are in the form of tow hitches. The difference between the two is that while the former is attached to the stern of one vehicle and the front of another, the latter is attached to a trailer or other means of transportation.


gold tow ballThere are two ways in which towbars can be mounted to a vehicle. One is a car mounted system and the other is a coach mounted system. It is very important that in any vehicle being towed by the other there is a necessity to allow for revolvability while linking both the vehicles. This happens through towballs. These towballs in the device let the vehicle move over bumps, potholes or navigate around road turns giving it more transportability. Towballs essentially consist of a ball and socket system and chains for protection and reliability. Towbars can be fixed, detachable or retractable. Fixed towbars are available as welded, bolt-on and flange ball. Towbars are attached to the towing car through particular wirings. These wirings enable brake lights of the towing car and the towed vehicle to work in concurrence with each other. This wiring is achieved by joining a harness of the towing vehicle to a harness on the vehicle to be towed. As cars are becoming more and more versatile the demand for towbars is also ever increasing. Car manufacturers are researching and improvising on car designs. It therefore becomes vital for towbar manufacturers to fall in line with these new and innovative cars. It has been seen that detachable or retractable towbars are better matched with new age versatile cars. So whether you want to pull a boat, a trailer or a caravan you have the freedom to choose between the different types of towbars on the market (you can read more about towbars here). Considering choosing an optional towbar for your new vehicle. The decision is easy.


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